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Until 2007, I had only painted a few water colours. Then, when my teenage daughter started to use oils, I was thrilled at the vibrancy and power possible with strong colour and haven’t looked back since.

By now I can see the sort of paintings I really enjoy. The patterns and colours of trees in-leaf and out - are always appearing in my abstract pictures, but I really enjoy painting portraits, bringing out as much character as I can. Oh yes, and pets too.

I like drawing faces as well, which is rewarding both for me and my subject, and I get lots of practice drawing guests in my local food bank, and I know that some of these pencil sketches will end up pinned inside their tent, or taken with them when sofa-surfing.

Other people like my landscape paintings, and I have quite a selection of paintings of local features, from my own photos.

I work quickly; I always seem to end up with paint on my hands; and my studio is not always sorted and tidy !………………………..but painting is one of my favourite occupations, alongside teaching piano to children, gardening, writing and having a coffee with friends.